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Bericht door Joost.R » 06 feb 2018 21:41

RALamander into the Fire: Remotely-operated Fireboats for Ports Announced by Robert Allan Ltd. and Kongsberg Maritime

To address the evolving safety and security needs of modern ports, Vancouver based naval architects and marine engineers Robert Allan Ltd., and international marine technology specialist Kongsberg Maritime are collaborating on the development of a radically new remotely-operated fireboat that will allow first responders to attack dangerous port fires more aggressively and safer than ever before.
Ra 1.jpg
Ra 1.jpg (53.84 KiB) 6203 keer bekeken
The un-crewed RALamander fireboat will offer in-close firefighting and ‘eye in the fire’ capability that keeps marine firefighting professionals out of harm’s way. Fires involving containers, petrochemicals, shore-side structures or vessels can be attacked more quickly in situations where toxic smoke or explosion risk may delay or even prevent manned assets from responding effectively. RALamander can serve as a force multiplier with conventional firefighting assets, or be deployed on its own.

The Kongsberg Maritime control & communications system will feature a robust high-bandwidth, low latency wireless link to a semi-portable RALamander operator console that can be located on a manned fireboat, or other vessel of opportunity such as a tug or pilot boat. In common with other KONGSBERG autonomous control systems, the versatile architecture of RALamander’s control system will leave the door open to a range of autonomy levels, which are configurable or future-upgradable to suit the operator or port’s evolving needs.
RA 2.jpg
RA 2.jpg (60.94 KiB) 6203 keer bekeken
The first in the series, the 20 m RALamander 2000, will be equipped with Fi Fi 1 capability with a total pumping capacity of 2400 m3/hr with optional foam. A retractable mast can bring one of the three monitors to a high point of attack for shipboard or dock fires. A range of auto functions is planned for firefighting, including dynamic positioning, water spray target holding, and ‘line protection’ where RALamander automatically moves back and forth along a line while directing protective spray cover on shore structures or vessels threatened by a fire. A low-profile design also makes it possible to attack under-wharf and marina fires remotely. If a burning vessel poses a threat to its surroundings, RALamander can be used to tow it a safe distance by means of its Grapnel Emergency Towing (GET) system.

RALamander’s versatility may also offer new ways to maintain and operate a port firefighting asset. Since RALamander can be operated from a safe stand-off distance during an incident, commercial entities such as tug or pilot boat operators may be in a better position to offer fire protection services to a port since personnel are less exposed to risks.

Drawing together Robert Allan Ltd.’s extensive fireboat design experience and Kongsberg Maritime’s world-leading expertise in control, communications and sensing in marine applications, RALamander 2000 represents a significant step-change and improvement in port firefighting capability and safety. With maximum flexibility built into the design from the start, the RALamander series will offer all the advantages of remotely-operated fire response in a customisable system to suit a port’s needs for capability and cost.

Source: Robert Allan

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Bericht door Joost.R » 06 feb 2018 21:44

Royal IHC hits first milestones for Subsea 7 reel lay vessel

Royal IHC has successfully passed the first significant milestones in the design and build process of an integrated reel lay vessel for Subsea 7. The technologically advanced ship is intended for the installation of complex rigid flowlines, including pipe-in-pipe and electrical trace heating systems. This cost-effective technology will address the market trends towards longer tie-back developments.
s 7.jpg
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Notable achievements include the early completion of the model testing for resistance and propulsion as well as seakeeping performance validation, both of which were conducted at MARIN to the full satisfaction of the client. In addition, crucial gate reviews have been passed in the engineering process with the interfacing of the reel lay system having been defined and concluded.

Currently, Royal IHC’s team in the UK has reached the stage in which the operational concept design of the reel lay system is being translated into the production phase. This world-leading pipe lay system focuses on crew safety, operational efficiency and flexibility.
As well as creating a number of in-house innovations, IHC has also recently awarded a number of key contracts to suppliers of critical equipment. These will further enable the development of systems that are an integral part of the project.

Croonwolter&dros and Bakker Sliedrecht will deliver and fit the integrated electrical and nautical installation for the vessel. The main diesel-generator sets will be supplied by Hyundai, while the thruster package will be delivered by Wärtsilä. IHC has commissioned Huisman for the manufacture and installation of the 250-tonne main AHC offshore crane.
IHC is on track to meet milestones for this prestigious project which will include the cutting of the first steel plate in March 2018 and the keel laying, which is planned for mid-2018. The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for the first half of 2020.

Source: Royal IHC

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Bericht door Joost.R » 06 feb 2018 21:50

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard and LR join forces to build the world’s first ballast-free LNG bunkering vessel

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) is scheduled to deliver the world’s first ballast free LNG bunkering vessel later this year. The 7,600m³ vessel was ordered by Germany-based Bernhard Schulte Ship management in late 2016 and is currently under construction to LR class at HMD’s Ulsan shipyard.
lng.jpg (24.09 KiB) 6197 keer bekeken
Since the introduction of steel-hulled vessels, ballast water has been essential for the safe and efficient operation of vessels, but it also poses an ecological, economic and health threat because of the increased number of species that could be moved from one place to another. With the entry into force of the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention in September 2017, all ships constructed (keel lay date) on or after this date, to which the Convention applies, will now be required to be fitted with a ballast water treatment system at delivery. HMD is looking to address this problem through the development of this vessel without the need for a ballast water treatment system.

To apply the ballast-free concept to this vessel design, HMD gave careful consideration to the special hull form with dead-rise; forward ‘engine room and deckhouse’ and a twin propulsion system with azimuth thrusters so that the vessel can retain its damage stability and easily control the trim and heel without ballasting.
lng 2.jpg
lng 2.jpg (12.88 KiB) 6197 keer bekeken
HMD’s first obstacle was the speed management by dead-rise. In general, dead-rise is known to help improve the ship’s stability, which is critical to this ballast-free vessel, but it is also likely to deteriorate the vessel’s speed performance. To counteract this, HMD focused heavily on the hull form optimisation and successfully developed a better performing dead-rise hull form, confirmed through the wet model test.

Another key feature of this vessel that enables it to be ballast-free is the twin propulsion system with two azimuth thrusters. The smaller diameter of propellers fitted in the azimuth thrusters enables the vessel to achieve full immersion in all operational conditions.

LNG will be stored in two independent IMO type C tanks which are designed to contain the LNG with a minimum temperature of minus 165° C and maximum vapour pressure of 3.75 bar(g), and can be transferred to an LNG-fuelled vessel at the rate of about 1,250m³/hour through the cryogenic flexible hoses without ballasting and/or de-ballasting operation. Additionally, the natural vaporising gas from the bunkering vessel and the returned boil-off gas from the LNG-fuelled vessel will be compressed up to 220 bar(g), stored in two sets of 40 feet container and used for propulsion fuel and electric.

Seung-Ho Jeon, SVP of HMD Initial Planning Division, said: "The ballast-free concept will be made a reality by the technology expertise of HMD. We aim to stand out in the field of eco-friendly business practice."

Jin-Tae Lee, Ph.D, LR’s Korea Chief Representative & Marine Manager, a great supporter of technical innovation, said: "We are delighted to work with the shipyard helping the marine industry bring innovative designs to the market. We believe that this design is another remarkable development for HMD to realise the industry’s need for safe, efficient and clean requirements in the shipping industry worldwide."

The ballast-free concept means that the vessel will not need to install a ballast water treatment system and it also removes the need to comply with the Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for ballast tanks and related regulation, enabling maintenance costs savings.

Source: LR

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Bericht door Jancorjoh » 13 feb 2018 09:32

Five Killed, Several Injured In Explosion At Cochin Shipyard

By MI News Network | In: Shipping News | Last Updated on February 13, 2018

Five people have been killed and at least 10 injured in an explosion that took place in Cochin Shipyard on Tuesday Morning.

According to Times Now, two people are still trapped in the ship and rescue operations are underway.
ONGC-768x697.jpg (97.61 KiB) 5970 keer bekeken
Image for Representation Purpose Only

The explosion took place in the water tank of ONGC vessel name Sagar Bhushan, which has been brought to the shipyard a few days back for repairs.

According to the shipyard, the situation is now under control and a detailed inquiry will be carried out.

Reference: Times Now, NDTV, TOI

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Bericht door jdbvos » 13 feb 2018 17:09

a few days back for repairs.
Je kijkt een open accomodatie in....het schip lijkt wel in 2en gesplitst te zijn....
Zou het geen sloopobject zijn ?
Wat er omheen ligt versterkt die indruk een beetje....
Jan DB Vos

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Bericht door Joost.R » 13 feb 2018 21:46

Five workers killed in blast at Cochin Shipyard

The explosion occurred in ONGC's drill ship ‘Sagar Bhushan'
At least five workers were killed and 12 others seriously injured in a blast on an ONGC rig that was under repair at the Cochin Shipyard here on Tuesday.
Senior officials said the blast occurred in a ballast tank in the forward part of the drill ship 'Sagar Bhushan' that has been dry-docked at the yard for nearly two months now.
"There was a minor fire outbreak which was brought under control immediately, but thick fumes within the tank marred rescue operations," an official said.
Despite Tuesday being a holiday, there were several workers in the area where the blast occurred. "The yard has an effective fire control mechanism and there were firemen on contract on board the ship under repair. But the number of casualties was more owing to the fact that the blast was inside a tank," the official added.
Fire tenders of the State Fire and Rescue Services were additionally deployed to control fire and to carry out rescue operations.
The workers who suffered burn injuries were rushed to a private hospital nearby where the condition of at least four was said to be critical.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has asked the police and the fire and rescue personnel to extend all emergency support. He urged hospitals to provide immediate trauma care to the victims of the accident.

Source: The Hindu

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Bericht door Drentenier » 26 feb 2018 11:30

https://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/165251/D ... -een-kraan

Bokalift 1.PNG
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Wim Plukker
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Bericht door Wim Plukker » 07 mar 2018 06:18

Koreaanse ramp onderzocht in Nederlands bassin:
https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2018/03/06/ko ... n-a1594597
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

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Bericht door Jancorjoh » 07 mar 2018 10:10

Major Fire on Ultra-Large Containership Maersk Honam in Arabian Sea, Situation ‘Critical’

March 6, 2018 by Mike Schuler
The MV MAERSK HONAM on fire in the Arabian Sea, March 7, 2018.
MAERSK-HONAM-FIRE.jpg (26.72 KiB) 5207 keer bekeken
Photo: Indian Coast Guard

An ultra-large containership belonging to container shipping giant Maersk has suffered what is being described as a ‘serious fire’ in one of its cargo holds in the Arabian Sea.

According to an emailed statement from Maersk Line, the MV Maersk Honam reported a serious fire in a cargo hold on Tuesday 6 March 2018 at 15:20 GMT while enroute from Singapore towards Suez, Egypt.

Four crew members are missing.
Twenty-three others have evacuated to nearby vessel an are safe, according to Maersk. Search and rescue is underway for the four missing crew members.

The Maersk Honam was located around 900 nautical miles southeast of Salalah, Oman, according to Maersk.

The situation is said to be ” very critical”.

“After being unsuccessful in their firefighting efforts, the crew sent out a distress signal and a total of 23 crew members were safely evacuated to the nearby vessel ALS Ceres, which arrived at the scene around 18:30 GMT. Regrettably, four crew members remain missing. The fire onboard the Maersk Honam continues and the situation of the vessel is very critical,” the statement said.

The ship is reported to be carrying 7,860 containers.

Three other containerships, the MSC Lauren, Edith Maers and Gerd Maersk, have diverted to the area and were expected to arrive early morning Wednesday local time (March 7), according to Maersk.

“We’ve received the news of Maersk Honam and the four missing crew members with the deepest regret and are now doing our outmost to continue the ongoing search and rescue operations. This by rerouting our own vessels, with assistance of vessels in the area – most notably ALS Ceres that thankfully acted promptly upon our distress call – and the local authorities,” says Søren Toft, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board, A.P. Moller – Maersk.

Maersk Line says it is in the process of informing the relatives of all crew members.

“The evacuated crew is obviously distressed, with two crew members currently receiving medical first aid onboard the ALS Ceres. We will offer crisis counselling for the seafarers signing-off and returning to their families and our thoughts and deepest empathy go out to the families of the crew members that are still unaccounted for. We will offer them all the support we can in this very difficult situation,” says Søren Toft.

The Indian Coast Guard said on Twitter that MRCC Mumbai has coordinated the immediate rescue of the 23 crew members. The ICG ship Shoor has been diverted to provide assistance.

Weather conditions in the area are reported as fair.
MAERSK-HONAM-FIRE-2.jpg (28.1 KiB) 5207 keer bekeken
Photo: Indian Coast Guard

The Maersk Honam was built in 2017 and has a nominal capacity of 15,262 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). It sails under the Singapore flag.

The nationalities of the 27 crew members are: India (13), the Phillipines (9), Romania (1), South Africa (1), Thailand (2) and the United Kingdom (1).

“The cause of the fire is currently unknown. Maersk Line will investigate the matter thoroughly in cooperation with all relevant authorities,” Maersk said.
MAERSK_HONAM.jpg (59.89 KiB) 5207 keer bekeken
MV MAERSK HONAM. File Photo: MarineTraffi.com/Yang Ngai

This is a developing story. Check back for updates…

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Bericht door jacko » 07 mar 2018 14:32

Laatste bericht van de Schuttevaer.
https://www.schuttevaer.nl/nieuws/actue ... honam.html

Voor elke oplossing.
Is wel een probleem te bedenken.

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Bericht door Jancorjoh » 08 mar 2018 13:03

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Bericht door Joost.R » 10 mar 2018 00:08

UPDATE: Evacuated Maersk Honam crew are on land, firefighting at sea initiated

he evacuated crew from Maersk Honam are on land. While some are receiving medical care, others have been released from hospital.

Evacuated crew members have disembarked in the cities of Cochin and Trivandrum in Southern India. They have all received professional medical treatment and are offered crisis counseling, and a majority have been transferred to a hotel. Of the crew members that remain hospitalized some are currently receiving intensive care.
M 1.jpg
M 1.jpg (58.13 KiB) 4791 keer bekeken
Image courtesy Indian Coast Guard
“We are relieved that a majority of our colleagues have been released from the hospital. We, however, remain deeply concerned about the health condition of our colleagues still in hospital and are grateful that they are in the capable hands of medical professionals. We are in regular contact with the hospitals and monitor the situation of all our colleagues,” says Palle Laursen, Chief Technical Officer for Maersk.

The search continues to locate the four crew members still missing after the fire aboard Maersk Honam that began on Tuesday 6 March although hopes of finding them are fading.

Ongoing firefighting

The Indian Coast Guard has a vessel present onsite which initiated firefighting during Thursday 8 March. Further, specialised firefighting vessels have been engaged and the first two vessels arrived on location in the early morning on 9 March local time where they initiated the firefighting.

“We are appreciative of the partnering assistance we’ve received from local Indian authorities and we must now let the salvage team do their work. It is still too early to determine the cause of the fire or the impact to the vessel or cargo. Obviously, finding the cause of the fire is very important to us and a full investigation will be conducted as soon as possible.

”The salvage operation is led by Smit Salvage and Ardent – two best-in-class companies within maritime salvage operations. Maersk Line is cooperating with the salvors and has sent two technical engineers to Salalah, Oman, to work closely with Smit and Ardent.

VIDEO Coast Guard
Source: Maersk

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Bericht door b-bootsman » 10 mar 2018 18:23

Hallo heren.

Hier nog een foto van die ramp.

Groet Bob.V.
279917c59a59de6f18b7438ebe32513b.jpg (89.78 KiB) 4623 keer bekeken
Hij die kan en niet kent
is een praktische vent
Hij die kent en niet kan
is een theoretische man.

Jaap van Dorp
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Bericht door Jaap van Dorp » 10 mar 2018 23:16

Wacht maar tot een terrorist uitvind dat je van alles in zo'n doosje kan stoppen en er over kan liegen ??

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Bericht door leo-shof » 11 mar 2018 14:30

Jaap van Dorp schreef:
10 mar 2018 23:16
Wacht maar tot een terrorist uitvind dat je van alles in zo'n doosje kan stoppen en er over kan liegen ??
Ach Jaap dat kan met stukgoed ook
Toen ik nog op de vrachtwagen zat, en als je dan terug mocht laden hier of daar,
Dan wist je ook niet wat er in je laadbak ging, je gaat geen kratten of dozen open staan maken
Achter iedere deur schuilt wel een verhaal !


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Bericht door Joost.R » 12 mar 2018 23:08

Update: Remains of three out of four of the missing crew members found onboard Maersk Honam

Maersk released earlier today the following statement on Maersk Honam accident:
“It is with deep sadness that we announce that the human remains of three of the four missing crew members after the fire aboard Maersk Honam have been found on board the vessel. At this point in time our three colleagues are unidentified.
Given the time passed and the severe fire damages of the vessel we must conclude by now that we have lost all four colleagues who have been missing since the fire onboard Maersk Honam which began on 6 March. All four families of our deceased colleagues have been informed.”
“Our most heartfelt condolences go out to families of our deceased colleagues. We share their sorrow and do our outmost to support them in this devastating time,” says Chief Operating Officer, Søren Toft.

A thorough search on board the Maersk Honam continues. However, the active search and rescue mission at sea will be brought to a halt. The search and rescue operation began immediately after Maersk Honam had sent out a distress signal on 6 March due to a serious fire aboard. Several container vessels diverted their route to assist in the search and rescue operation.

The evacuated crew
On land, the medical conditions of the evacuated crew members are progressing positively. All 22 have received medical treatment and the majority have been released from hospitals. Colleagues who initially received intensive care have been moved to a general ward and are recovering well. A crisis psychologist has been made available to all crew.

“Our colleagues that were evacuated to local hospitals in varying conditions of health are improving and we are now preparing to bring them back to their families as their condition allows,” says Palle Laursen, Chief Technical Officer for Maersk Line.

The India Marine Police is conducting a routine investigation of the incident, and they will be interviewing all crew members.
The fire-fighting progresses
The fire-fighting efforts on board Maersk Honam are progressing. Specialized firefighting vessels remain engaged, with salvage operations led by Smit Salvage and Ardent – two best-in-class companies within maritime salvage operations. Maersk Line is cooperating with the salvors and has two Marine Engineers onsite, working closely with Smit and Ardent.

A full investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the fire and the impact to the vessel and cargo.

Source: Maersk

http://splash247.com/maersk-honam-chemi ... /#comments

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