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Re: Offshore

Bericht door leo-shof » 22 sep 2017 17:27

Nog mensen die foto´s willen gaan nemen of het van dicht bij willen zien
vertrek.jpg (124.04 KiB) 1144 keer bekeken
Achter iedere deur schuilt wel een verhaal !


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Re: Offshore

Bericht door Joost.R » 24 sep 2017 13:52

FSO Ailsa’s hull touches water for the first time

Danish oil firm Maersk Oil has shared a photo on its social media channels showing its Culzean field-destined Ailsa floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel in the water for the first time.
The company said on Monday that the FSO had undocked on schedule, which is another step towards the Ailsa leaving Singapore and beginning its journey to the North Sea in 2018.
ai.jpg (21.71 KiB) 1005 keer bekeken
Caption: FSO Ailsa' hull touches water for the first time - Image courtesy of Maersk Oil
Maersk added that, since the FSO is now afloat, the focus has moved to finishing off the turret and topside sections aiming for mechanical completion at year-end.

The vessel, when fully completed, will be 243 meters long which is, according to Maersk, longer than three Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger plane. The vessel’s highest point, at 52 meters, will be taller than Nelson’s Column in London and the vessel will be able to store the equivalent of over 430,000 barrels of oil.
“It’s a significant milestone for the project,” says Claus Vissing-Jorgensen, Deputy Project Director and Facilities Manager. “It marks a major step towards readying the FSO to leave Singapore next year and travel to the North Sea. I’d like to congratulate the team on this success. It’s especially great to see a mega-project such as ours consistently hitting milestones on target. It definitely couldn’t be done without a strong and talented team, and that is what we have.”
Lars Banke, site and interface manager, said: “Construction of the FSO has been spread across six different yards in Singapore and Indonesia so it’s been a real challenge to make sure everything stays in sync and on track.”
Steve Michie, FSO and subsea manager, added: “The team will next be working on installing the turret which is a pivotal piece of the mooring system and also the FSO topsides, key to processing the condensate when on board. At the same time, we’re preparing for our two month tow from Singapore to the UK North Sea waters and the subsequent offshore commissioning campaign.”

Singapore’s Sembcorp Marine cut first steel for the Ailsa FSO vessel on July 22, 2016. After it begins work on the Culzean field, the FSO will remain in service until at least 2033.
As far as the field goes, Culzean is a high-pressure/ high-temperature field in the UK North Sea developed using three bridge-linked platforms: a wellhead platform where drilling and production takes place; a central processing platform where the produced gas and condensate are processed and exported; and utilities and living quarters, providing accommodation, living space, and services for the crew.

The installation of central processing facilities (CPF) and the utilities and living quarters (ULQ) jackets was completed on July 20, while the wellhead platform (WHP) jacket was installed last year. All three jackets were built by Heerema and installed using the Heerema Marine operated crane vessel; the Thialf.
Gas will be exported to the CATS pipeline, coming onshore at Teeside, with condensate exported via a short pipeline to the FSO vessel for offloading onto a tanker.

Source: Offshore Energy Today

Paul van Paap
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Offshore. Another scam company

Bericht door Paul van Paap » 13 okt 2017 07:32

Dear offshore friends. If you see this think twice.

STRATA Oilfield Services or

If you get contacted by one of those people below or the company Strata Oilfield Services for a job in Iran or anywhere else do NOT fall for this as they are just as bad as a scam they will have you work for up to 60 days on the rig and they will not pay your salary maybe they do after 1 year. Not confirmed yet.

Myself and lots off people who have not been paid even they worked for months on the Sea boss rig OIM till Roustabout they don’t care.

I only worked 3 weeks on the Sea Boss in Iran and hear the stories about it so I stopped working there was no money going into my bank account till now this was December 2016 now 10 month down the road I still havened been paid.Only promises.

So all you people who are looking for a job and I know many of you are do not fall for this scam.

For the people who worked there and not get paid yet same as me I do think we should get a lawyer who like to take this company to court so if you are interested in getting your money or at least get this company stop doing this to other people in the offshore industry just let me know maybe with all off us we can stop this scam company. together we stronger.

Johan H

If any of those 3 persons below contact you do not fall for this company.

The messenger

STRATA Oilfield Services or

Allister D’souza

HR Manager

Office No. 1909, Tiffany Towers

PO BOX 474036, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel No. +971 4 442 5436; Mob. No. +971 50 292 0212

allister HYPERLINK ""

AND the innocent

STRATA Oilfield Services or

Virginia Marie Lapinid

Crew coordinator

Strata Oilfield Services Limited

Office No. 1909, Tiffany Towers

PO BOX 474036, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel No. +971 4 423 4452; Mob. No. +971 56 655 0788

And the master mind

STRATA Oilfield Services or

Amir Rashidi

Operations Manager

Strata Oilfield Services Limited

Office 805, JBC5, JLT, P.O.Box 474036, Dubai, UAE

Office. +97144425436 | Mob. +971 506321570/+98-9123406679

Satellite Mob. +8821-650271114 |

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Re: Offshore

Bericht door Joost.R » 17 okt 2017 16:59

COSCO Dalian Shipyard delivers new deep subsea support vessel to Maersk Supply Service.

Chinese COSCO Dalian Shipyard has delivered a new deep subsea support vessel to the Danish shipowner, Maersk Supply Service.
The new vessel, named Maersk Installer, is 11 meters high, 27 meters wide and 137 meters long. The delivery documents were signed by the builder and the vessel owner on Monday, October 16.
maersk1.jpg (110.39 KiB) 654 keer bekeken
This is the first out of four Stingray subsea support vessels to be delivered by the Chinese builder to the Danish shipowner.

The delivery dates for the vessels were postponed in mid-2017 due to the current market situation with new dates ranging from summer 2017 to spring 2018.

The Stingray class SSVs was designed together with Marin Teknikk as a flexible platform to carry out a wide range of deep and shallow water operations in challenging offshore environments. These DP 3 vessels feature a 400 t active heave compensated crane and 2 work class ROV’s capable of operating in up to 3,000 m water depth.

The 1,925 m2 free deck is designed with hundreds of non-welding, sea fastening features and cofferdams are built in above all tanks to ensure flexibility for client operations. The accommodation features 120 modern single cabins to meet increased comfort level requirements.

Back in July, Maersk Supply secured a contract with Subtec S.A de C.V. of Mexico, a subsidiary of Blue Marine Group, for one of its Stingray vessels. The Stingray vessel will be operating in the Bay of Campeche performing general support duties, including IRM and maintenance of Pemex’s platforms as well as enhancement and well stimulation. The contract will start in autumn 2018 with a firm duration until June 2020.


Source: Offshore Energy Today

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Re: Offshore

Bericht door Joost.R » 16 nov 2017 14:31

OOS Energy reveals game-changing Multi Activity Unit

OOS Energy, an affiliated company of Holding OOS International Group B.V., has revealed its game-changing vessel.
The Multi-Activity Unit (MAU) is a newly designed self-propelled, dynamically positioned jack-up capable of performing a wide range of services.
os1.jpg (79.48 KiB) 441 keer bekeken
The unit is equipped with a high-efficiency Plug & Abandonment (P&A) package able to perform well intervention/workover, drilling operations and performing activities simultaneous on multiple wells.

The unit is further equipped with a large accommodation and 2 x 1200MT cranes, which supports in removing the majority of platforms in the Southern North Sea or other areas in the world with water depths up to 80 meters.
os2.jpg (107.19 KiB) 441 keer bekeken
In addition, with this unit OOS Energy is able to transport and offload removed structures without the support of other vessels or heavy lift equipment. Its design and lifting capability provides an immense efficiency that can also be used in the offshore wind energy sector for installation of monopiles, jackets and turbines.
During the design OOS Energy, in cooperation with the vessel designer, ensured that for all operations the capability of the unit is maximized while keeping the size within limits.

“The strength of our concept is SIMOPS (simultaneous operations); combining P&A with heavy lift operations up to 2,400T without the need of a marine spread or mobilizing multiple vessels is in our view a cost reducing exercise. The MAU will be available to all parties involved within the P&A/decommissioning and wind installation market. Discussions are well underway with potential clients recognizing the efficiency of this unit,” says Mr. Léon Overdulve, CEO of OOS International.
os3.jpg (79.83 KiB) 441 keer bekeken
OOS Energy is actively working on finalizing the equipment packages and in final discussions with shipyards for the construction of two units with an expected availability in Q4-2020 and Q1-2021.

The first unit is to be named Luctor et Emergo.

Source: OOS Energy

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Re: Offshore

Bericht door Joost.R » 21 nov 2017 11:12

Wagenborg Offshore delivers second walk-to-work vessel in Southern North Sea

Wagenborg Offshore has been awarded a 6-year contract by Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and SHELL UK Exploration & Production (Shell UK) for the provision of a second walk-to-work vessel. NAM and Shell UK work together in combined business unit on the gas production on the Southern North Sea. The vessel will support its offshore operations.
This long-term contract was signed November 13th by the directors of the companies. The so-called ‘Walk-to-Work Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel’ (W2W ERRV) will operate as a standby and support vessel for inspection and maintenance of the unmanned platforms in both Dutch and British waters.
W 1.jpg
W 1.jpg (71.37 KiB) 332 keer bekeken
Caption: PX121 painted in Wagenborg colours at the Ulstein shipyard - Image courtesy of Wagenborg.

Wagenborg chooses PX121 Ulstein design
For the provision of the W2W ERRV vessel to NAM and Shell UK, Wagenborg and Ulstein have signed an agreement for the delivery of a standard ‘PX121 Platform Supply Vessel’ (PSV). Built according the Ulstein Accommodation Standard, the PX121 has gained excellent feedback from the offshore industry due to a favourable combination of fuel-efficiency and load capacity. The PX121 is particularly suited for a conversion to other types of services, such as walk-to-work or Emergency Response and Rescue, without comprising her outstanding Dynamic Positioning performance.

Economic boost for the North of Netherlands
On the Dutch shipyard Royal Niestern Sander in Delfzijl, approximately 80 employees will be working on the conversion of the PX121 from a PSV into a W2W ERRV vessel. The PX121 will be equipped a.o. with an additional accommodation module, motion compensated gangway and motion compensated crane to comply the requirements of NAM-Shell. The vessel will be converted in 16 weeks by Royal Niestern Sander and is expected to be delivered to Wagenborg Offshore March 2018. The vessel will start operations in Q1 2018.
W 2.jpg
W 2.jpg (81.28 KiB) 332 keer bekeken
Caption: Artist impression of the Walk-to-Work vessel after conversion - Image courtesy of Wagenborg

Producing natural gas offshore
By producing natural gas offshore NAM and Shell UK face major challenges to execute offshore operations as safe and efficient as possible and increase the effectiveness of offshore maintenance activities to reduce costs. Modern offshore production platforms are smaller and normally unmanned without 'helicopter deck', resulting in a need for Walk-to-Work vessels. With Walk-to-Work vessels offshore activities can be supported more safe, efficient, effective and productive, as already proven by the successful Walk-to-Work vessel Kroonborg. The additional W2W ERRV vessel will be positioned in a similar way as Kroonborg and, in addition, will also comply with the ERRV (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel) Class B guidelines.

General specifications: Length over all: 83.40 m. Breadth over all: 18.00 m Max. draught: 6.00 m
GT/NT: 3.600/1.268 t. Deck area: 840 m2. Speed: 15,8 kn
Source: Wagenborg

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Re: Offshore

Bericht door Joost.R » 08 dec 2017 17:31

Prosafe extends standstill agreement with Cosco

Prosafe remains focussed on its fleet high-grading strategy and continues to work with COSCO (Qidong) Offshore Co. Ltd (COSCO) to find a comprehensive commercial solution for the three Prosafe vessels that currently reside in COSCO’s Qidong shipyard in China.
cosco.jpg (67.31 KiB) 171 keer bekeken
The Safe Eurus is in a preserved, strategic stacking mode and negotiations continue with COSCO to find a workable commercial solution.
The standstill agreement between Prosafe and COSCO related to Safe Nova and Safe Vega has recently been extended until 20 April 2018.
Prosafe remains in negotiations with COSCO and related parties for a workable commercial solution for Safe Nova and Safe Vega. If no agreement is reached, Prosafe has the right to claim cancellation of the newbuild contracts due to delay, and claim repayment of the instalments paid including interest of approx. USD 60 million in total, secured by a refund guarantee from Bank of China.

Source: Prosafe

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