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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door cenaprints » 02 mar 2017 07:04

Foto genomen in Mei 1982 in Livorno van de "Americana". Vindt dit schip mooier dan wat er nu als de grootste container carriers op het water dobberen, en geen centje winst maken.
AMERICANA, built 1974 by Italcantieri, Genova, Italy.
owner Italia di Navigazione SpA, Genova
Grt. 22.245, l.o.a. 208 mt.
Prop. Turbine, General Electric-Cantiere Nav. del Tirreno e Riunit, 38.000 shp., speed 23.5 kn.
Vessel type Ro/Con
Americana        74     -001.jpg
Americana 74 -001.jpg (371 KiB) 2273 keer bekeken

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Re: Malaise in de containervaart

Bericht door Joost.R » 16 mar 2017 11:49

Samsung Builds The World’s First 20,150-TEUs containership

aming ceremony held for the first of four ultra-large containerships for MOL
- recorded as the world's largest ship, surpassing 20,000 TEU
SHI leading size growth in containerships with industry-leading human resources and R&D infrastructure
- Expected to deliver ten 20,000-TEU container ships this year
mol.jpg (158.9 KiB) 2006 keer bekeken
SHI-built the world`s first 20,150 TEU containership - Image courtesy SHI

Samsung Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) broke the record for building the largest container ship surpassing 20,000 TEU.
SHI held a naming ceremony for the first of four 20,150 TEU containerships, ordered from Japan's MOL in February 2015, in Geoje shipyard on March 15.
The eventful ceremony gathered 90 from both SHI and MOL, including SHI CEO Dae-Young Park and MOL CEO Junichiro Ikeda, to witness the naming of 'MOL Triumph.'
MOL Triumph, with a length of 400m, breadth 58.8m, depth 32.8m, is an ultra-containership that can transport 20,150 containers.
The eco-friendly ship boasts an array of energy-saving types of equipment designed by SHI including propeller, rudder valve, and stator.

SHI has been leading the market with operation-optimized hull design and record-breaking container ship size. SHI is well known for world-class employees and class-leading R&D infrastructure including the world's largest commercial towing tank in Daeduk R&D center.
Successful construction of the MOL Triumph is yet another proof of SHI's technological excellence. MOL has hailed SHI's performance for zero incident construction for 15 months since steel cutting in January 2016.
MOL Triumph will be delivered to MOL on March 27th after finishing preparation for the maiden voyage.

Source: Samsung SHI

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Re: Malaise in de containervaart

Bericht door Erikdepooter » 16 mar 2017 14:07

Dat worden vast prachtige reisjes op die boten!
Van staphaven naar staphaven, deadslow stomend langs smalle, kronkelende riviertjes, waar de krokodillen in je anker blijven hangen en er kleine bootjes met houtsnijwerk met je meevaren waarop ze je voor die beeldjes slechts de allerbeste vriendenprijs vragen.
Waar je wekenlang ligt te laden of te lossen en er massa's zwarte, naar zweet en muskus geurende bootwerkers op hun blote voeten krioelen over de tussendekken.
Met de gangway eindigend in het terras van die leuke havenkroeg, waar beeldschone schepsels op je schoot springen en je de pina-colada's met monopolygeld kunt afrekenen.
Waar je je katje kunt spekken met de verkoop van smokkeldrank en sigaretten.
Waar je verkering krijgt met de meest exotische dames, die nadien de eerste stuurman overuren laten draaien om je plasmachientje weer aan de praat te krijgen.
Dames die je beloven om je straks in Holanda te komen opzoeken en dat vervolgens jaren later nog doen ook. . .

Mama, ik wil naar zee!!! :twisted:
"Vol vooruit - Vol achteruit - Stop - Klaar met machine, da's alles".. (Meinhart v.d. Vliet, Commodore Esso Tankvaart Mij, Ras Tannurah 1982, over de kunst van het manoeuvreren)

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Joost.R » 29 mar 2017 10:04

MOL's first 20,170 TEU containership will commence its maiden voyage

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) yesterday announced that the world's largest containership, MOL Triumph was delivered from Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. on March 27, 2017.
MOL's newest vessel, the first of a fleet of six 20,000 TEU-class containerships for the company, was named MOL Triumph in a ceremony at SHI in South Korea on March 15, 2017. At 400 meters in length and 58.8 meters in width, MOL Triumph is currently the world's largest containership. With a capacity of 20,170 TEU, the vessel is the first 20,000 TEU-class containership deployed in THE Alliance's Asia to Europe trade via the FE2 service.

MOL Triumph will set off on her maiden voyage from Xingang in April 2017 and will sail to Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Yantian and Singapore. She will then transit through the Suez Canal and continue on to Tangier, Southampton, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Le Havre. She will then call at Tangier and Jebel Ali on the way back to Asia.

In line with the eco-sailing initiative of MOL, the new 20,000 TEU-class containerships are equipped with various highly advanced energy-saving technologies including low friction underwater paint, high efficiency propeller and rudder, Savor Stator as a stream fin on the hull body, and an optimized fine hull form which together can further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per container moved by about 25-30% when compared to 14,000 TEU-class containerships. Additionally, the vessel has also been designed with the retrofit option to convert to LNG-fueled ship in view of the implementation of the International Maritime Organization's new regulation to limit SOx emission in marine fuels which will come into effect in 2020.

MOL will take the delivery of the second 20,000 TEU-class vessel in May 2017. Eventually, there will be six of the 20,000 TEU-class containerships unveiled and they will be phased in gradually on the existing trade routes of MOL.

Vessel Particulars of MOL Triumph:
Length 400m
Breadth 58.8m
Depth 32.8m
Deadweight Tonnage 192,672MT
Source: MOL

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Joost.R » 13 apr 2017 18:48

Maersk Line takes delivery of 20,568 TEU boxship Madrid Maersk from DSME

Danish container shipping major Maersk Line has taken delivery of Madrid Maersk, a 20,568 TEU boxship, from South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME).
The ultra large container vessel (ULCV) has become the largest boxship in the world built so far.
MM.jpg (73.08 KiB) 1462 keer bekeken
Container ship Madrid Maersk - Image courtesy of TARBATNESS/shipspotting

The previous record has been shortly held by the recently delivered MOL Triumph, which has a capacity of 20,150 TEU.
The 196,000 gross-ton Madrid Maersk features a length of 399 meters and a width of 58.6 meters.
Maersk Madrid belongs to the 2nd generation of the company’s Triple-E class of vessels and is the first of 11 ships ordered from DSME back in 2015. Even though the official capacity rating of the ships was set to 19,630 TEU, Maersk Line seems to have modified the design resulting in breaking of the 20,000 TEU mark.

The rest of the fleet is scheduled to join Maersk Line’s fleet between April 2017 and May 2018. They will sail under Danish flag and are intended for the Asia – Europe service, replacing smaller counterparts. In addition, the ships will feature a new hull design and the twin propulsion setup.
The contract is worth USD 1.8 billion.
Maersk Madrid is expected to enter into service in late-April.

Source: WorldMartineNews

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Jancorjoh » 15 mei 2017 16:57

Het houd niet op..

New Largest Containership In The World ‘OOCL Hong Kong’ Christened

By MI News Network | In: Shipping News | Last Updated on May 15, 2015
OOCL proudly announced the naming of our latest containership, the OOCL Hong Kong, at a christening ceremony held at the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) shipyard on Geoje Island on 12th May. The OOCL Hong Kong was also celebrated as one of the largest containerships in the world by carrying capacity.

Vessel Photo at Venue F (002)2
Vessel-Photo-at-Venue-F-0022.jpg (43.64 KiB) 1223 keer bekeken
Image Credits:

The last time that OOCL set the world record for the largest containership was back in April 2003 with the OOCL Shenzhen, an 8,063 TEU vessel, also built at the SHI shipyard.

The OOCL Hong Kong will be serving the Asia-Europe trade lane on the LL1 service and her port rotation is: Shanghai / Ningbo / Xiamen / Yantian / Singapore / via Suez Canal / Felixstowe / Rotterdam / Gdansk / Wilhelmshaven / Felixstowe / via Suez Canal / Singapore / Yantian / Shanghai in a 77-day round trip.
OOCL Hong Kong Vessel Particulars

Image Credits:

OOCL-Hong-Kong-Vessel-Particulars.jpg (30.42 KiB) 1222 keer bekeken

Frans de Lijster
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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Frans de Lijster » 19 mei 2017 22:10

Vanmorgen op het Beerkanaal:



MOL Triumph

Luctor et Salutem
( Ik worstel en Groet u )

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Joost.R » 13 jun 2017 16:45

Port of Rotterdam expects the arrival of world’s largest container ship

Following the arrival of the MOL Triumph (20,170 TEU) on 19 May and the Madrid Maersk (20,568 TEU) on the morning of Monday 12 June, the OOCL Hong Kong is expected to arrive in Rotterdam on the afternoon of Friday 23 June. At 21,413 TEU, it is the world’s largest container ship. It will also call in at the European ports of Felixstowe, Gdansk and Wilhelmshaven. Its arrival will mark the climax of a month of increasingly large container ships in Rotterdam and confirms the importance of the scaling-up of container shipping to the Port of Rotterdam.

Just over two years ago, the MSC Oscar headed the list of the largest container ships, but this spring the vessel was relegated from the top three. The arrival of the three ULCCs (ultra-large container carriers) underlines the importance of scaling up in the container handling industry. Emile Hoogsteden - Director of Containers at Breakbulk & Logistics - is delighted with the arrival of the container leviathans: “Rotterdam is the only port in North-western Europe where these huge vessels can moor without any restrictions.”

Maasvlakte 2 at full steam
Hoogsteden is also pleased with the striking growth in the Rotterdam container sector (8.8% by volume (TEU), 10.8% by weight) during the first quarter of 2017. “The growth in container handling is largely down to the fact that Maasvlakte 2 is now truly operating at full steam.” Activity at the new terminals on Maasvlakte 2 is improving all the time, and shipping companies have brought back to Rotterdam substantial quantities of cargo that had been moved elsewhere in late 2015 and early 2016.

Ronald Lughart, Director at Rotterdam World Gateway, one of two fully automated container terminals at Maasvlakte 2, confirmed this last month when the MOL Triumph sailed into port: “The occupancy rate at our fully automated terminal is currently at around 90%.”

Source: Port of Rotterdam

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Erikdepooter » 13 jun 2017 17:14

Groot, groter, grootst.
Als je alle containers van die OOCL Hong Kong achter elkaar zou zetten wordt dat een trein (zonder tussenruimtes) van 20*0.3048 *21413 = ruim 130 km.
Zet je ze op normale vrachtauto's en hou je die met 10 meter tussenruimte op de weg, dan is dat van de Maasvlakte over de A15 tot een aardig eindje over de Duitse grens.
"Vol vooruit - Vol achteruit - Stop - Klaar met machine, da's alles".. (Meinhart v.d. Vliet, Commodore Esso Tankvaart Mij, Ras Tannurah 1982, over de kunst van het manoeuvreren)

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door jeroen » 27 jun 2017 11:07

OOCL Hong Kong gemeerd bij de EuroMax Terminal afgelopen zondag.
IMG_2866verkleind.JPG (124.16 KiB) 519 keer bekeken
IMG_2908verkleind.JPG (147.75 KiB) 519 keer bekeken
Groeten Jeroen

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Re: Grote Containerschepen

Bericht door Joost.R » 30 jul 2017 19:40

APM Terminals Tangier celebrates 10 years in Morocco with the Munich Maersk

APM Terminals Tangier welcomed the Munich Maersk, one of the world’s largest container vessels, as it made its maiden call to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the largest and most modern terminal facility in North Africa.

APM Terminals Tangier is one of the most important transfer points of global trade. In addition to handling Moroccan import and export cargo, the terminal manages and transfers cargo for onward destinations in Africa, Latin America and beyond. Tangier's strategic location and state of the art facilities provide easy accessibility to cargo vessels sailing between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
MM.jpg (55.87 KiB) 256 keer bekeken
The Munich Maersk is one of the largest vessels in the Maersk Line fleet, and second in a series of Maersk Line’s improved Triple-E class. With capacity to hold 20,000 containers, the vessel is the largest container ship to call a port in Africa as part of a regular rotation.

“We are delighted to welcome this latest addition to Maersk Line’s fleet in Tangier, just as we celebrate 10th anniversary of our operations. This is yet another confirmation of the strategic importance of APM Terminals Tangier as not only the gateway to Morocco, but as a leading transhipment hub in the region”, says Hicham El Alami, Chief Operating Officer at APM Terminals Tangier.

Since starting operations in July 2007, APM Terminals Tangier volume has grown 72%, to handle more than 1.7 million containers per year. The terminal operates at highest levels of energy efficiency and has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30% since 2009.

To ensure future competitiveness, the terminal recently acquired two super post Panamax cranes, to serve giant vessels like the Munich Maersk. This brings the total number of cranes in operation at the terminal to ten. Investments in elevating more cranes to serve even larger vessels in the future are underway, which will further cement Morocco's place as an important orchestrator of global trade.
“With this maiden call of Munich Maersk to Tangier, we have yet another opportunity to celebrate our good cooperation with the city, the port and APM Terminals,” added Marcos Hansen, Maersk Line’s Managing Director in Western Mediterranean. As the latest addition to our modern fleet, this new vessel continues our commitment to serve our customers in 2/3 Morocco and around the world in an even more efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.”

With a high focus on operational efficiency and safety, APM Terminals Tangier has a strong track record in providing high quality services to customers and has become an employer of choice in the country. Furthermore, the terminal team takes pride in partnering with the community to provide a variety of education, sport and social economic programs.
About APM Terminals
APM Terminals is a leading global port and cargo inland services provider with a presence in 59 countries providing the world’s most geographically balanced global terminal network with 76 operating port and terminal facilities, five new port facilities under construction, and an inland services network spanning 103 operations at 89 locations in 38 countries. Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, the company works with shipping lines, importers/exporters, governments, business leaders and the entire global supply chain to provide solutions that help nations achieve their ambitions and businesses reach their performance goals.
About Maersk Line
Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company, known for reliable, flexible and eco-efficient services. Part of A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Maersk Line operates 630 container vessels providing ocean transportation to all corners of the world. Every day, 7,600 Maersk Line seafarers and 22,400 land-based employees at 306 offices in 114 countries share their expertise with customers around the world to optimize their supply chains, maximize their distribution networks and most of all realize their business potential. Maersk Line is devoted to creating simple and reliable solutions for customers, continuously lifting industry standards and enabling global trade in the most sustainable manner possible.

About Munich Maersk
Length overall: 399 metres
Beam (breadth): 58.6 metres
Height (above baseline): 75.7 metres
Height (above waterline): 59.7 metres
Draught: 16 metres
Main engine: MAN B&W
Nominal capacity: 20 568 TEU (twenty-foot-equivalent-unit)
Reefer capacity: 1 000 plugs
Standard crew: up to 28
Builder: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), Korea
Flag state: Denmark
Source: Maersk Line

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